Monday, April 7, 2008

Bagsmith Knitting Pattern Bag

The product review for this month is something that I've seen in action, and since I tend to throw stuff in a bag at a whim to go off to my knitting meetings and sometimes fail to bring an important tool, I thought this product appropriate for temporary storage of tools and patterns, as well as semi long-term storage.

Here is the write up on the Bagsmith Knitting Pattern Bag.

It has a variety of pockets that can store all of your knitting tools, as well as a wide range of projects. The bag is 12" wide x 12" high with a 8" gusset. So, it's big enough to hold projects ranging from a baby sweater to an afghan! The metal legs and thick canvas construction make it sturdy enough to stand freely next to your chair. But it easily folds up, and it is so light, that you can quickly carry it into another room, to soccer practice or even take it with you when you travel. There are two clear zippered pockets on the outside, and on the inside there are 6 clear pockets, 4 smaller canvas pockets for notions, and 4 canvas pockets that are vertically designed for storage of needles, scissors and other tools. Includes a removable strap that attaches with metal clips.

This particular item is available through KnitPicks for $29.99 and comes in black and white.

If you have one of these won't you leave your opinion of the item in the comments section?


Lauren said...

A knitting bag that doesn't just become a black hole for the smaller tools sounds like a great idea. I've been looking for one that would function chairside at least; portability is an added bonus.

But this gave me another idea for travelling. I hunted last summer until I found a carry-on bag with wheels that was small enough to fit under an airplane seat. This thing has more pockets than a magician's tuxedo. I could pack it with the usual essentials for the flying part of the trip, then reload it once I get to my destination with the things I actually want to knit on while I'm there. Again, the plethora of pockets make it better than just a tote bag. And it stands up. Trips will be coming up soon that will give me a chance to try this out. I'll report when I do.


Diana said...

Can't say I've ever used this particular bag, but I'll have to check it out. Especially since my sis-in-law works for BagSmith!!

Sasha said...

I love this bag, which is really more of a caddy. I have a small stash, so I'm able to keep almost all of it in here. I love having a single place for the stash, needles, all those little knitting supplies, and current projects on top... and it sits right next to my chair... and I can easily carry it to the couch or bed. I keep my circular needles in the "pocket for patterns" by the way.

Obviously it's not the kind of bag you'd want to take with you around town, for knitting in waiting rooms, public transportation, etc. But this caddy holds more than a true knitting bag does, keeps it handy and portable at home, and organizes it well.