Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welcome to the Organized Knitting Club!!

We are so glad that you stopped by to visit us!! This is a new club which originated on Ravelry. We actually take many of our tips from our Ravelry members and will be sharing the most popular methods of organizing your stash, your craft space, your supplies, and your patterns. We will be researching new ways to make our lives easier as we - inevitably - accumulate more and more 'stuff' to feed our craft-like habits. Won't you join us?

Upcoming Features

Monthly Contests & Prize Drawings
Every month we'll run a contest on our blog that will spur us on to organize just a little bit more of our lives. The contests will challenge us to organize our stash, create a pattern notebook, or just to organize our space just a little bit more.

Organized Stash

Last year Anna shared about her mother-in-laws stash. Does your stash have it's own space? Is yarn found in the strangest places in your house? Does it share space with other 'loves?' Janine will be sharing her organizational tips on how to organize your stash so that it's manageable.

Organized Tools & Supplies
Carmen will be sharing with us some ways to manage all the tools and supplies that come with our hobby (or lifestyle as it may be). She will highlight various products that might work for you and help you to store your various needles and other supplies.

Organized Space
Suzanne will be sharing with us ways to organize our space. What is the best way to organize the space in which you do most of your knitting, crocheting, or sewing? Are your tools and supplies easily reachable or do you have to move things around every time you access them? Organized closet from

Organized Patterns & Projects
Do you download and print patterns off the web every chance you get? Do you have magazines floating around your house because their are patterns in there that you want to try out? Are your UFO's still lurking in the corners of your mind? I, Jenean, will be sharing tips on how to organize all those patterns and projects that we seem to accumulate almost daily!

Other Topics
Other topics include Organized Patterns and Fabrics. We're still looking for people to write these articles, so if you are interested or you know someone who would love to share their ideas, please have them email at bordeaux700 AT Yahoo DOT com.

Our Blog Roll
If you would like to be included in our Blog Roll leave a comment to this blog with your site url. Feel free to grab a button and link back to our site also. Let's get organized!!

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KnittingBlueContent said...

I so need your services!

Dulcedosa (aka knittilicious) steered me this direction.

Any help you can offer, in the organizing department, is eagerly anticipated!