Monday, April 21, 2008

Systems that work!

This month our readers from Ravelry showcased some tool storage systems that work for them. Some of the solutions that you see below are very inexpensive. The most important thing that we must remember when trying to keep our tools organized is that everything needs to have a home. The way to keep organized from this point forward is to make sure that everything that comes into the house has a home before you bring it in.

Suzanne show used how she decorated empty toliet paper and paper towel dowel with fabric and inserted these into an unused kitchen utensil holder.

Mary loves her Jordana Paige Knitting Needle Storage Box. This box is a cute little storage for straight needles and it conveniently has a inventory and needle conversion chart on the back.

A less expensive alternative is to find a wine box for sale at a local Big Lots or Hobby Lobby. Michael's Craft Store might also carry some wine boxes.

Another straight needle option is using one of those many extra vases that we have stored in our cabinets. Karen shared her picture with us.
If you have found some interesting methods of storage share them on your blog and leave a link here so that we can visit. You never know - one of the contributors here may highlight your blog in an upcoming article.


Kylie said...

I found that my needles were in a state of dispair when I could not find a pair and I had circulars doing there thing (ie: messing everything up)

I put pen to paper and then made this. I love it and now everything has a home.

Anonymous said...

That picture at the bottom is the same vase I have, and used for the same purpose! Most of my old straights (I switched to circs due to wrist problems) are the colorful Boyle ones, so I put old Mardi Gras beads in the bottom of the vase and tied a big purple ribbon around it for added charm.

ennadoolf said...

Love these solutions - mine are in a metal vase my daughter gave me ... photos are here:

Now I just need to find a better place for my circulars ... they are sorted by size in a drawer for now. :)