Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Go Vertical

Go Vertical. That's my message for the week.

As you look around at what you have and try to work out ways to store it, think upward. Use shelves - they come in all sizes with a "footprint" that can be fit almost anywhere. Use hooks in singles or in groups. Use skirthangers. Mount shelves over a doorway - move stuff up there you don't use, and then put your knitting stuff where it is accessible.

One part of the solution, at least for me, is to arrange things so that they are visible. "Out of sight, out of mind" is too true.

This leads to a slight subject detour - the 30-day challenge. I have accepted it, and am working diligently to get my stash organized. It's a slow process for me, but it is happening. I've put all my WIPs in one place - my bedroom, for now, in a pile that blocks my dresser. I have been separating out "assigned" yarn (which is slated to be used for a specific project) and "free-range" yarn which has not yet been assigned a project. The good news is that I have a lot less free-range yarn than I thought, which makes this challenge a little easier to complete.

I'll have pictures for next week. In the meantime, if any of you have pictures of successful vertical storage, please share!

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