Monday, February 4, 2008

The Perfect Knitting Bag?

...does it really exist or is it merely a figment of our imagination like Utopia or Shangrila or...*insert your version of paradise here*.

Sure, I have a pretty decent knitting bag that I managed to snag from Joann's with one of my 50% off coupons, but I have a deep seeded longing for more. You see my current knitting bag is proportionately good, but the design and material are feet, the bottom corners are balding, no structure, no pockets for organization and the side snaps always come undone (notice the gem clips holding the sides closed).

I need something above and beyond what I have today. A bag of monumental proportion. My perfect one. A bag that is tall, wide, deep, sturdy, able to stand on its own, stylish, contemporary, functional... *sigh* Alas, I have not found it yet. My perfect one!

I wonder if I should just sew one and get it over with?
I had been eyeing the Amy Butler Weekender Bag.

More photos of it on the Craftoholic blog.

but upon further reflection of my real desires, I envision something more along the lines of these bags...

The Levenger Bellagio Play Bag (discontinued)

I love the leather bumpers, the nickel feet, the open interior with the organizational panel, leather handles with the nickel post and the bridge snap closure.

Target has a magnificent line of work laptop totes that convert nicely as craft bags. These bags are attractive, sturdy and affordable for most buyers.

What if I disassemble my current bag and do a "Six Million Dollar Man" job on it and make it better, faster, yadda, yadda? You know...add some feet, sew on some bumpers, stiffen the sides with plastic mesh? *hmmm* Yeah, maybe not. The search goes on...

What characteristics/features does your "PERFECT ONE" have to have?
Comment with a link to your perfect one.


owl knits said...

I've been designing my perfect bag in my head. It would be a tote, but with a portfolio-type carrier on one side for needles and patterns, and pockets on the other side. Inside it would have moveable dividers for different sized or multiple balls of yarn, plus room for the actual knitting.

Maybe we could have a Make Your Perfect Bag contest?

busyHSmom said...

I haven't thought too much about this. I hate carrying a purse plus a project bag, but that is usually what I do. Finding the perfect bag for me is like finding the perfect storage system for my needles! It just doesn't seem to be out there!

(Ravelry ID--BlueMoonArtistry)

Jenean said...

Oooooo!!! I like that bag, Suzanne! And the contest idea is perfect :)