Friday, February 22, 2008

What's in the Medicine Cabinet?

It's Friday already! And I'll go with what's been high up on my last this past week - the medicine cabinet. Here in the northeast US, the flu is sweeping across the region. It hit my house - particularly me - last week. As the mom of 4, I hate having to drag a sick kid to the drugstore, or maybe worse - a sick me and 4 kids, so I try to keep my cabinet stocked; here's a few tips for you to do the same.
- Go thru your medicines regularly and check for expirations. From my understanding, expired meds won't make you sick, they just won't make you well; they lose their potency. Throw out your expired meds, whether prescriptions or over-the-counter. I suggest you do this at the beginning of each "season" - allergy, cold, flu, sunburn.
- Re-stock - now while everyone's healthy. Get pain reliever/fever reducer for everyone in your household (adult, kids, infants), cold medicine, something for flu symptoms, ginger ale, PediaLyte, whatever it is you use when you are sick.
- If there are kids in your house, make sure all of these are put up some where safe from their curious hands.

Simple enough, right? Now, just sick back and cross your fingers and hope you won't have to use any of it.
Happy Friday!

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