Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Patterns

This week I'm going to talk a little bit about storing fabric patterns. Because many of us who knit also sew I felt like this is an area that needs to be discussed. I, myself, separate my knitting supplies from my sewing supplies, but in any case, organizing one area will hopefully help us to organize other areas of our craft life.

On the Ravelry forum I shared my current method of storing my patterns.
I purchased a little Mobile Work Center from Wal-Mart a couple of years ago to store some of my sewing supplies as well as the patterns that I've collected. I don't have a lot of patterns right now, so this method has been good to me.

I'm able to store my sewing machine supplies, thread, and other little doo-dads in the work center. As you can see, right below the tray is where I keep my patterns. What I've done with many of my patterns because I can never fold them the same way they came out of the package is to place the pattern and package inside of a ziplock bag.

I wanted to highlight some of the other storage options that I've found while searching the net that I thought would work well.

Sue's Pattern Pockets
Each 3-ring page contains a smaller pocket to store the pattern package while the rest of the page is used as a storage for the pattern itself.

Sterlite 4-Drawer Carts
If you have more patterns then you want sitting on a bookshelf another option would be to put them in these clear drawers. You can separate your patterns by type and by size if you have more than one of the same pattern.

If you decide to tackle your patterns this week I've love for you to come back here and share what has worked best for you.

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