Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Like Playing Dominos

This Club has got me working! I accepted the 30-day Challenge and have started organizing my yarn. I shifted, dug, and unearthed 43 WIPs, entered them into a spreadsheet, and then relocated them, temporarily, into my bedroom. This is not the greatest picture, but as you can see, there's a lot of knitting that needs to be done.

What does this have to do with Organized Space? Well, once the projects were out of the way, there was more room to access and assess the rest of my stash and the space used to store it, and I can now consider how I am going to rearrange and declutter.

My next yarn-related task will be to ferret out all the yarn that I have bought for a specific project and isolate it along with its pattern. This group will join the WIP group in my bedroom, in its own pile to keep it separate, and will give me even more space to work in. I plan to shift around furniture, and set up a cozy knitting nook with proper lighting and a comfortable chair, not to mention relocating the computer and printer closer to the telephone outlet and plugs, after I move the 6-ft long cabinet that's against the wall.

This whole process involves a series of related steps. Once I started on the first one (WIP identification and relocation), the next one fell into place. Because I knew my overall goal, I could break the process down into babysteps (Flylady, I'm over here) that are manageable.

So I encourage you to look at your space, figure out what you want as an end result, and then work backwards from there to formulate a plan. Obviously, we're all here to help with encouragement and with suggestions.

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Andrea said...

I'm not sure what made me laugh more: the Flylady reference or 43 WIPS!!!