Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Darning/Tapestry Needles

''Chibi'' Darning Needle Set 3/pkg

As I was seaming up the picot bodice hem on my Split Neckline Cap Sleeve Tee last night, I reaffirmed, to myself, the concept that it really does pay to spend a little extra sometimes. Let's face it, at some point in your work, you're going to have to weave in some ends. Might as well make it as pleasant and easy as possible.

One wouldn't really think that something as simple as a darning needle would be a big deal, but after having tried out a few different brands and materials, I've settled on the Clover Chibi brand of darning/tapestry needles.

The Chibi has a solid, smooth feel with a large eye hole that is easy to thread. The tips are just the right balance of point and blunt, so as not to stab a gushing hole in your finger but sharp enough to puncture through most knit/woven fabrics with ease. Packaged in a really, cute and cool storage/carry case, you have your choice of straight (darning) or bent needles (tapestry) needles in an assorted gauges and lengths so you can weave-in/repair practically any yarn weight.

Additionally, I prefer metal needles to plastic in that they are much more durable. Plastic needles tend to warp over time and who hasn't placed one of them in your teeth and gnawed on it a bit...now you got a chewed up plastic needle that snags. :: sigh ::

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Janine Adams said...

I completely agree! I love my Chibis and wouldn't go back to the dime-store ones I originally used.