Thursday, March 6, 2008

February Challenge Winners

This week I get to announce the February Challenge winners. We had some great organization going on last month and it truly inspired many people to tackle their spaces. Congrats, ladies, on winning the prizes and on organizing your space!!

1st Prize - Cindy (rusmilen)**

1-Hour Organizing Consult by Janine

2nd Prize - Angela (CelticFrog)

Knitter’s Almanac donated by Lynne (Durango)

3rd Prize - Suzanne OwlKnits

Project Bag donated by Carmen (Dulcedosa)

4th Prize - Andrea

Stitch Markers donated by Zelphia

5th Prize - Bonnie (BonnieRed)

Hi-light Straight Needles

Here are pics from our first place winner's 30-day Challenge

**The names in parenthesis are their Ravelry ID's

1 comment:

Sprittibee said...

Can you come organize my house? :) Thanks for offering the Amazon prize to the Blog Party! That is my kind of prize!

PS - my daughter wants to be a "professional organizer" when she grows up. She's 9! They love her at Barnes & Noble. She organizes their stuffed animal shelves for free when she goes in!