Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 30-day Challenge

Okay!! It’s time to think about our March Challenge!

Your mission, should you decide to take it, is to organize as many areas as you can this month. They don’t have to be big areas. Example - Spice Cabinet. Tackling a bunch of small areas will make a BIG difference in your life. Maybe you will only be able to do four, but the point is you WILL do something and it will make your life so much easier. These areas that you organize can be anywhere in your house or on your property and do not have to pertain to a craft. Organize your tool shed, your storage shed, your utensil drawer in your kitchen, or something as simple as the pencil caddy on your desk.

Make sure to take before and after pics!! Mucho importante! Prizes for the challenge will be announced in a few days.


owl knits said...

Great idea! We got moving in february, now we can keep up our momentum.

meg said...

Yippee! I have already started with an organizing project & actually remembered to take "before" pictures :-)

TheChinaPainter said...

Organized? I hope to be one of these days. I had just decided last night that I could start with a book shelf. Some of those books I have read and others I know I will never read. Thanks for your suggestions.