Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness - In Baby Steps

So, you started this month out with many plans and then suddenly it was almost the end of the month!! What is the saying? Fail to plan - plan to fail? Something like that. So, we have 12 days left in the month. Let's see if we can't tackle one organizing project a day. Remember the projects don't need to be big projects. Your project could be as small as organizing your utensil drawer in the kitchen or getting rid of the pile of junk mail that is sitting on your counter.

A few weeks ago Frances mentioned making To-Do lists. In the last few weeks I've made several To-Do lists the day before I wanted to get these things done. It worked wonders for making sure that I work on at least one organizing project during the day. An example of organizing a small area is part of my desk. If I showed you my whole desk you would faint, but here is the before and after -

This section of my desk has been this way for yeeeeaaaars! I can't tell you how many.

I moved my knitting books to my desk and purchased a few little baskets from the local 99 cent store. The binders are used to keep my clipped knitting patterns that I find in magazines and online. I also have a binder there for saved articles from Family Handyman. Everything is so much handier. I love it!

What small area in your house are you going to work on today?

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