Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Enquiring Minds Need To Know...


As I type, there are 621 members of Organized Knitting on Ravelry. That's a lot of lurkers. I get this mental picture of masses of people peering into a window...well, I have a question for all of you.

Have you just read the posts, or have any of them motivated you to make any changes? If so, what? And if not, why? (I don't want to hear that you're lazy, or whatever, but I do want to know if we're missing something - like some valuable information that you need and aren't getting)

Post a comment.

My query for today's Organized Space posting is: Do you have a space set up for your knitting? What is it like? How well does it work for you?

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meg said...

Okay, I'll jump in :-)
I drop by everyday & have been inspired to take on my messy challenges. I have even done a couple little steps, like buying (& filling) some clear boxes for my sewing area, & a very cool organizer for my circular needles (from Ba*ss Pro Shop)
Why haven't I done more? Simple answer- time. I keep running out of it- work/home/knitting commitments get in the way, but that is changing.
As for a dedicated knitting space- no, I don't have one- unless you count my giant orange tote that sits in the livingroom behind my chair; it has all my needles & essential supplies, plus a stash of yarn for the "next in queue" project.