Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday's Toolbox - Spring Cleaning!

Spring has arrived, and it's time to make things fresh, accessible, and definitely, to purge. So, this month I want you to go through the tools and supplies that you have for all your craft type projects. Include knitting and sewing. Even scrapbooking supplies would be a great thing to organize and streamline this month.

Have you had a chance to organize your tools yet? Do you know if you have duplicates? Maybe you need to buy a few extra supplies to round out what you already have. Are there tools that you can donate or set aside for swapping projects? Depending on how much 'stuff' you have this could end up being a big project. You might have the tendency to get overwhelmed and not complete any purging or organization this month as far as your tools and supplies go! We can't let that happen, though. So, first things first: Set up a plan to work through your tools and supplies a little at a time. You absolutely do not have to have a big chunk of time to work on this project. You just need to organize your time so that it does get done this month.
1. Use a calendar, such as the one above, and designate specific days for specific small projects. Maybe on Monday you want to tackle organizing your straight needles. Wednesday could be for organizing and purging of your circulars or other types of supples.
2. Mark down your plan of attack. You could even keep track of how much time each little project took you to complete.

Next week we'll review a product that will help you supply those tools and supplies. Is there a particular set of tools or supplies that you need help organizing? Leave a comment here.

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