Friday, March 14, 2008

Hittin’ the road!

{I've been away. Last weekend, I went out of town for my sorority conference, hence the topic here. In the midst of packing, I prepared this blog... then forgot to post it. Sorry!}

Your heading out of town, got your clothes packed and travel plans confirmed…. don’t forget your yarn! But what should you bring to work on? Consider these points when picking the project to work on.

Space & time - When and where will you be crocheting/knitting? Will you have time only while in transit (car, train, plane) or when you actually get to your destination (going camping vs. hanging out at your sisters for the long weekend)? The when and where helps to narrow down the project choices. If you only will have small space to work (in your airplane seat), then this may not be the trip to work on that king-size afghan. But it may be a great time to work on your afghan squares. Choose your project based on your space and time.

Minding the stitches – I crochet when I am in conference meetings, so I like “mindless” projects for these trips, think baby blanket, basic scarf. For a weekend at the beach I can pay attention to a pattern. Choose your pattern based on how much you can pay attention to it. When you pick out your pattern, if its from a book, make a working copy to take with you. This relieves you of the weight of carrying a book and eliminates the chance that you’ll leave your book back at the hotel.

Materials checklist – Reread the pattern, especially if this is a brand new project, be sure to read it before you pack up and leave the house. Check if there’s a hook/needle change somewhere in the pattern, do you need stitch markers or yarn needle? And of course, make sure you have the hook/needle you need. (Yes, this comes from the experience of having to buy a hook while on vacation so I could work on my project).

Now get your project bag and pack everything in. Have a great trip!

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